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Starfish Project Childrens Response

Since 2008, Krzysztof and Annya have raised well over PS1,000 for our Starfish Projects for Swaziland and at HolyTrinity we are all full of admiration for their initiative and their commitment. They both care deeply about the lives of the children in our companion diocese of Swaziland and are always eager to support the churchs efforts and to offer their own fundraising initiatives.

Sponsored Haircut for Swaziland

Hello, my name is Krzysztof-Cameron and I am twelve years old. I go to Holy Trinity Church, Monifieth.
My friend Pat Millar has been to Swaziland a lot and has helped me and my congregation understand how the children in Swaziland live and survive. I have learnt that there are a lot of children who do not have a family and are orphans because their parents have died of AIDS. They are poor and can't afford medicine to keep them alive. Some children only get meals twice a week and some only once a day. The food doesn't look nice compared to the food we eat because nearly all the time it looks like stodgy porridge! In 2008, I raised PS247 to help the orphans and vulnerable children in Swaziland by cutting off my curly hair. Me and my sister Annya-Natasha, have also been carol singing and tried other fundraising ideas to help raise money. This year, I decided to have my hair cut again to help the children of Swaziland. I got sponsors from people in my village, Monikie, sponsors from my church and Holy Rood church, Carnoustie as well as my family and friends. On the 28th April, I got my very long curly hair shaved off by Joyce Miller of A. Bell, Gents Hairdresser in Monifieth. She came to our church to cut it off in front of the church congregation. My head felt hard and spiky! I have raised over PS400 this time and feel good because my target was PS300 and I have probably saved a lot of children from being hungry for a little while. Pat, and Keith, our Treasurer, will send the money to Swaziland and then tell me which Care Points have been able to get food supplies or medicines with the money I raised. I would like to thank everyone who sponsored me. I hope you think I have done a good job and by reading this, maybe you will think about helping the people through our Starfish Project for Swaziland. Some people gave 15p and others gave PS20. It doesn't matter how much you give because EVERY PENNY makes a difference. I know that I have made a difference. How about YOU?
Krzysztof-Cameron Nyc Black

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